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Post Graduate Career

“Having the awareness of your confidence,
intelligence, and determination will lead you to a successful career.”

Today, many university recruiting agencies claim that they will help students with all of the necessary preparation needed for them to apply for a specific university. Unfortunately, through data analysis and market research of the recruiting agency system, this simply is not true. Recruiting agencies are mostly supportive of the interests of the universities that they represent. Once a student is enrolled and admitted to a university that the agency represents, their duty, which they are compensated for, is complete. At this point, they leave the student and their family to continue without support to complete all the rigors of preparation that needs to be accomplished before leaving for school.

L.E.T.’s purpose is to support , NOT ONLY, you and your family’s interests in preparing you for university admission but also preparing you for a different style of learning, university and cultural transitioning, productive university experience, post graduate career opportunities, financial support and creating a positive and success mindset that will support you throughout your entire journey.

During our evaluation process the next step is to determine the stage for which you are prepared, regarding your post graduate career.

Work Visa:
  • Recommend to you our referral network that will support you with work visa opportunities.

Potential salary:
  • Provide information to you of the various competitive salaries in the area of your career choice.

Self Branding:
  • Facilitate and coach you to brand yourself by highlighting your skills, talents and leadership qualities and package them in a way that will support you to succeed.

Résumé coaching:
  • Coach you to create a well documented résumé that will attract the career that you desire.

Interview coaching:
  • Coach you to a success mindset, confidence and positive reinforcement to express your skills and talents with clarity.
  • Guide you to understand that effective communication and interviewing skills are a catalyst to obtain your desired career.

Career Search:
  • Support your career search through our extensive network and knowledge of the hiring process.
  • Give you referrals to find the best career that suits your desires.

Entrepreneurship coaching:
  • Facilitate the opportunity for you to own your own business.
  • Guide you through the steps to create your own business abroad or use our network resources to support you in your entrepreneurial dreams.

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