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Financial Support

Financial Support

“The willingness to receive support
leads to your ability to support others.”

Today, many university recruiting agencies claim that they will help students with all of the necessary preparation needed for them to apply for a specific university. Unfortunately, through data analysis and market research of the recruiting agency system, this simply is not true. Recruiting agencies are mostly supportive of the interests of the universities that they represent. Once a student is enrolled and admitted to a university that the agency represents, their duty, which they are compensated for, is complete. At this point, they leave the student and their family to continue without support to complete all the rigors of preparation that needs to be accomplished before leaving for school.

L.E.T.’s purpose is to support , NOT ONLY, you and your family’s interests in preparing you for university admission but also preparing you for a different style of learning, university and cultural transitioning, productive university experience, post graduate career opportunities, financial support and creating a positive and success mindset that will support you throughout your entire journey.

During our evaluation process the next step is to determine the stage for which you are prepared, regarding your financial support.

Scholarship opportunities:
  • Guide you in the search for scholarship opportunities that fit your financial needs. We will also help you in the process of completing the necessary paperwork.

Financial aid/loans:
  • Counsel you in the process of procuring financial aid; grants or bank loans.

Real estate investment:
  • Provide information and guidance for your family to recoup your university education costs by purchasing real estate abroad.

Budgeting advice:
  • Provide you with one on one training to support your knowledge of budgeting for financial needs throughout your university years.

Bank accounts and credit card:
  • Empower you with an awareness of bank accounts in the abroad and to keep your financial needs in order.
  • Simplify your life with online banking
  • Advise you on responsible credit card usage and how to use them to your advantage to build your credit.

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